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3D Model of Sailboat

3D Model of Sailboat
Polygons: 797 
Vertices: 945

Normals, diffuse and specular maps included.

- Diffuse Map size is 256x512 pxl.; 
- Normal Map size is 256x512 pxl.; 
- Specular Map size is 128x256 pxl..

Download from:

Caravan Trailer 3D Model

3D Model of Trailer
Polygons: 369 
Vertices: 835

Body and Wheels are separeted.

Normals, Specular and Diffuse maps included.

- Diffuse map is 1024x1024pxl. 
- Specular and Normal Maps are 512x512 pxl.

Download from:

Construction Buildings (3 Variations)

3 variations of Construction Buildings 3D models for Unity

Includes 3 3D Models:
  • Small building (three-story house)
  • Middle building (eight-story house)
  • Large building (fourteen-story house)

3D Model include 3 textures:
  • Base Texture (Diffuse map) is 1024x1024pxl.
  • Specular and Normal are 512x512pxl.

Lowpoly 3D model of Trailer House

Lowpoly 3D model of Trailer House

Polygonal lowpoly 3D model (Game Ready) without subdivision modificators;
Perfect choice for video games, visualizations, architectural project;
Economical model to rendering resource (Real Time);


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